Climate Change

Densely packed city buildings hint at the need to monitor subterranean infrastructure

New Research Spotlights Need to Monitor Heat-Induced Changes Below Buildings

Mary Lennon of Fannie Mae

How Fannie Mae Studies Climate Impact on US Housing

Biodiversity represented by a grassland hillside, lake, and mountains

Think Tank: Why Are Business Execs Talking about Biodiversity?

Climate risk symbolized by a cluster of modern office buildings

9 in 10 Large Companies Have Assets Located in Path of Climate Hazards

Tiers of brown land backed by mountains, representing nickel mining

Global Demand for Nickel Soars—Will Biodiversity Suffer?

Is climate change a factor in buying real estate like these condos?

How Climate Change Is Shaping Real Estate Investments

A map could provide detail on business risk from climate change

Business Risk in Focus as COVID-19, Climate Change Threaten

Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University and the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Solutions Network

Sustainable Business: A Conversation with Jeffrey Sachs

A map of hurricane impacts hints at climate risk

AT&T Taps Advanced Analytics to Map Decades of Climate Risk

A rearranged supply chain represented by puzzle pieces

Will COVID-19 Rearrange the Global Supply Chain?

Where will climate change be felt?

NextTech: Smart Maps Show Executives the Impact of Climate Change

A digital mockup of a luxury hurricane-resistant home

How Do You Market a Hurricane-Resistant Floating Home?


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