Market Analysis

A giraffe on grassland outside a city

Companies Eye Expansion Opportunities in Africa

A line of shopping carts signifies the retail industry, where in-store technology is booming

Innovating How We Shop—City by City

A map of the US banking industry shows income disparities and banking opportunities

Fast Four: Banking on Smart Analytics

A map of retail locations with green and red dots

Fast Four: Old Meets New in Modern Retailing

A desktop globe indicates a geographic approach to business growth

Geographic Approach Provides a Roadmap for Postpandemic Recovery

Identifying business opportunities in cities like this requires location intelligence

Spotting New Business Opportunities in Consumer Data

DICK’s Sporting Goods store

DICK’s Sporting Goods Strengthens Omnichannel through Brick and Mortar Planning

COVID-19 is changing office locations like this one

How the World’s Work Spaces Are Changing


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