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A sign for personal banking on a brick building

Advising an Industry in Transition

An electrical transmission station

NextTech: The Geographic Conundrum Slowing a Clean Energy Future

A 3D model of a wellpad in the oil and gas industry

Fast Four: New Questions for Oil and Gas Companies

A 3D model of a manufacturing plant represents a form of spatial thinking

Spatial Thinking Invades Computing, Business

Bridget Brown, HDR GeoIM director

A Location-Savvy Group behind the Construction Boom

Caution tape on a railing suggests the need for risk management

Survey: CEOs May Be Underutilizing This AI Capability

A map used in the carbon credit business to validate forest protection

What's the Science behind That Carbon Credit?

KPMG, one of the Big Four consulting companies, improves global guidance with location insight

The Location-Savvy Consultant


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