Mandy Li

Xiaoxu (Mandy) Li is a product engineer of ArcGIS QuickCapture - the rapid data collection app by Esri. Previously, she was a product engineer of ArcGIS Earth.

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A taste of ArcGIS QuickCapture through sample projects

If you would like to get a taste of QuickCapture, there is nothing better than starting with the sample projects.

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Tips for Working Offline with ArcGIS Earth

ArcGIS Earth provides immersive 3D experiences for both online and offline usage.

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Perform Interactive Measurements in ArcGIS Earth

Measure distance in 3D and create elevation profile in ArcGIS Earth.

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ArcGIS Earth facilitates exploration, planning, and analysis in 3D

With ArcGIS Earth, you can interactively add, edit, and visualize line of sight or viewshed analysis results.

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