ArcGIS Solutions, a participatory sport

The ArcGIS Solutions team develops focused maps and apps that help organizations solve problems with GIS. On this episode of Field Notes, we interview the lead of ArcGIS Solutions, Scott Oppmann. Scott discusses the variety of solutions that Esri offers, the importance of citizen engagement to help improve communities, and how GIS continues to grow in its integration with mobile workflows. Listen to the episode to learn more.

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ArcGIS Solutions are included with your ArcGIS Online subscription and ArcGIS Enterprise licensing. There is no additional cost. To learn more about ArcGIS Solutions and the solutions mentioned in this episode, see the following resources:

About the authors

Josh is a Product Writer with a background in geography and comparative literature. When he isn't writing for the field apps team, he enjoys reading short stories and playing his bass clarinet.


D'Maia is a product writer with a background in Geology who is passionate about communicating technical information.

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