Josh Clifford

Josh is a Product Writer with a background in geography and comparative literature. When he isn't writing for the field apps team, he enjoys reading short stories and playing his bass clarinet.

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Manage street signs with Field Maps

Use ArcGIS Field Maps and ArcGIS Solutions to get started with a street sign management project.

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Collect data in Field Maps

Learn the basics of collecting data in the Field Maps mobile app.

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Build forms with ArcGIS Field Maps

Forms define the data mobile workers collect in the field. Learn how to build, organize, and customize forms using Field Maps Designer.

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Create a map with ArcGIS Field Maps

Create a map for data collection using the Field Maps Designer web app.

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Reuse forms in ArcGIS Field Maps

Save time creating data collection projects by reusing forms across maps.

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5 things to try in Field Maps

Field Maps offers a variety of features for working with maps in the field. Check out these five capabilities to get started.

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Get started with geofences in ArcGIS Field Maps

Automatically send alerts to mobile workers and enable location sharing by defining geofences in the Field Maps web app.

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A gamechanger: developing mobile apps for non-profits

Season 2 of the Field Notes podcast opens with Bay Park Data Solutions, a company that develops GIS solutions for non-profit organizations.

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Everyone is a mobile worker: 2021 Field Notes year in review

The season finale of Field Notes is here. Listen as we reflect on the past six episodes and let us know what you want to hear on season two.

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