D'Maia Curry

D'Maia is a product writer with a background in Geology who is passionate about communicating technical information.

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Discover ArcGIS Field Maps videos

Learn about the video tutorial content offered for ArcGIS Field Maps

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A gamechanger: developing mobile apps for non-profits

Season 2 of the Field Notes podcast opens with Bay Park Data Solutions, a company that develops GIS solutions for non-profit organizations.

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Everyone is a mobile worker: 2021 Field Notes year in review

The season finale of Field Notes is here. Listen as we reflect on the past six episodes and let us know what you want to hear on season two.

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Access your maps in Field Maps

Learn about the features and capabilities you can access from the Maps list in the ArcGIS Field Maps mobile app.

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ArcGIS Solutions, a participatory sport

Developing GIS solutions for an evolving world involves everyone. Listen to our interview with the lead of ArcGIS Solutions to learn more.

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Restoring Birdtopia: GIS in conservation

On this episode, we sit down with the founder of Ethos Environmental to learn how GIS is being used to restore island ecosystems in New Zealand.

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Try data collection in ArcGIS Field Maps

Use ArcGIS Field Maps to capture features in a local park.

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Inherently spatial: GIS in agriculture

From inspecting crops to understanding the impact of climate change, GIS is used throughout the agriculture industry.

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Work offline with Field Maps

You might not always have an internet connection in the field, and that's okay. Learn how to take maps offline with ArcGIS Field Maps.

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