Census, cola, and crocodiles, oh my!

In this episode of the Field Notes pocast, we sit down with Marika Vertzonis—product engineer and doc lead for ArcGIS App Studio, ArcGIS Survey123, and ArcGIS QuickCapture. Marika talks about the history of using forms and GIS in the field and how mobile apps continue to evolve and streamline data collection. What do the cenus, vending machines, and crocodiles all have in common? Find out in our latest episode.

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About the authors

Josh is a Product Writer with a background in geography and comparative literature. Originally from Georgia, Josh now works and lives in Portland, Maine. When he isn't writing for the field apps team, he enjoys reading and playing his bass clarinet.


D'Maia is a product writer with a background in Geology. She is passionate about communicating technical information and enjoys taking dance classes and visiting museums outside of work.

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