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New Wildfire and Weather Map for Public Information

August has brought with it a flurry of wildfire activity across the western states. While fire crews are busy in the field, many GIS Specialists are working to keep fire locations and perimeters up to date. This work is visible in the Current Wildfires layer that was highlighted in a blog earlier this summer. If you are not a first responder where do you get started finding information about fires near you or your community? These two options include a ready to use app and web map with publicly available data.

Public Information Map

This Web Mapping Application hosted by the Disaster Response Program is available for immediate use. Select the Share icon in the top right of the map to access the sharing menu options.

Wildfire public information map
Wildfire Public Information App

Copy the link to share the app with it’s default settings or zoom into a specific fire or area and then click Link Options. If you have turned any layers on or off check the box at the bottom to include those setting in the URL that you share.

App sharing screenshot
Share customizations

New Wildfire and Weather Information Map

If you need a customized display for your own agency or jurisdiction this new map is now available for just that purpose.

Wildfire and weather map showing popup of smoke forecast
Map showing detail of smoke popup

This map contains free and open data layers from ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World that relate to improving situational awareness around wildland fires. It has been pre-configured to be used as is. The intention was to provide a  clear and readable map for both fire staff or citizens in or near wildfire areas.

Some of the features of this map are:

To get started open and view the map, share with others, or save and modify for your own purposes. As always if you are going to create and share a map or app publicly please follow the best practice checklist available in this blog article.

This web map does not require ArcGIS Online subscriptions as the layers in the map are free and open data. This continues Esri’s commitment to supporting emergency management and disaster preparedness around the world.

About the authors

Fern was the wildland fire specialist on Esri's Public Safety team. She has worked professionally in forestry and wildland fire GIS for 20 years.


With over two decades of GIS experience Emily has mapped elephants in Thailand, wildlife poachers in the Republic of Palau, land use related issues around Yosemite National Park, and active wildfire incidents for the State of California. Presently she is a Senior Product Engineer and Cartographer with the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World where she styles and designs layers, maps, and apps with the Environment Team. When not making maps, she is a true geographer and loves traveling with her family.


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