Emily Meriam

Emily has worked professionally in GIS for 16 years. She has mapped elephants in Thailand, wildlife poachers in the Republic of Palau, land use related issues around Yosemite National Park, and active wildfire incidents for the State of California. Presently she is a Cartographer for Esri's Living Atlas of the World.

Posts by this author
Where is the nearest National Park?

Have fun creating a map that has the look and feel of a vintage National Park poster using ArcGIS Pro.

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Updated Arcade Code for Scaling Symbology

See a clever way of putting together an Arcade expression to allow your map symbol to scale as you zoom in and out of your map.

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Earthquake Mapping Part II: The Cartography of Time, Magnitude, and Alert Levels

Let's meaningfully visualize 60 possible earthquake combinations using Live Feed data available in the Living Atlas.

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Earthquake Mapping Part I: One Symbol from Multiple Fields in Arcade

With just a few lines of Arcade code you can take multiple fields within your ArcGIS Online data and combine them into one unified symbol.

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Automatically Resize Symbols by Map Scale in Arcade

Learn how to create custom Arcade expressions to automatically resize your symbols as you zoom in and out of your map.

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