Emily Meriam

Emily has mapped elephants in Thailand, wildlife poachers in the Republic of Palau, land use related issues around Yosemite National Park, and active wildfire incidents for the State of California. Presently she is a Cartographer with the Environment Team for ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World.

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Shopping for the Map’s Meaning

One map, four layers, millions of records all with unique needs that overlap and connect, yet also need to be separate too. Yes we can!

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2021 USA Wildfires Live Feed Update

The Esri ArcGIS Living Atlas team has updated this layer with additional incident age fields as well as changes to the cartography. 

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Explore Imagery-Derived Color Palettes in Redlined Neighborhoods

Use imagery and Lidar to understand tree cover disparities of Redlined neighborhoods in Montgomery, Alabamba.

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Significant Improvements to Global Streamflow Services

This valuable service has been updated with new modeling, cartography, and packaged with a custom web map.

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Using Arcade to Extract Meaning from Satellite Fire Detections

Explore different ways of symbolizing wildfire detections using Arcade and NASA's VIIRS layer available in Living Atlas.

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Water Conflicts in International Rivers

Raise awareness about regions experiencing droughts and the resulting water conflicts.

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Sunset Colormapping

Create a sunset themed solar energy palette using the beauty of nature, digital design tools, and ArcGIS Pro raster functions.

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Using 3D data to understand hurricane patterns

Data shows that hurricanes are increasingly intense and more frequent. Understand how to visualize large spatiotemporal datasets using 3D.

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New Wildfire and Weather Map for Public Information

Public information map and app for viewing and sharing wildfire data.

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