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What’s New in ArcGIS Survey123 (October 2022)

ArcGIS Survey123 brings together the power of forms and GIS. Use Survey123 to build anything from the simplest, to the most sophisticated form; share your forms over the web or the Survey123 mobile app. Collect the where of things and show your organization the value of visualizing and analyzing form data geographically.

In this blog, we will share some of the exciting new features in our October 2022 release. Start using these features today!

Read on to learn what’s new:

Jumpstart form building with Survey123 templates

You can always build a new form from scratch, but having a starting point is always a plus. Don’t you think?

More Esri templates

The Esri template gallery comes with dozens of ready-to-use survey designs. They illustrate the many ways people use Survey123. In fact, most templates are inspired on designs from Survey123 users like you. Explore, learn from and fine tune Esri templates to best fit your needs. This release adds the following Esri templates in Survey123 Connect:

Watch below how to access the Survey123 Esri Template gallery


This image shows how to access the Survey123 Esri Template gallery in Survey123 Connect


ArcGIS Survey123 community gallery

Are you proud of your own survey design and want to share it with other Survey123 users?  Starting with this update, you can submit your own designs for inclusion in the community gallery. The Esri team will review your submission for consideration and, if approved, it will become a featured community template in Survey123 Connect or Survey123 web designer.


ArcGIS Survey123 web form with a city in the background and people at the top of the from holding devices.

Organization templates

This is a new concept. As an administrator, you can now configure what templates will be shown to Survey123 authors in your organization. You can choose to hide the Esri and Community templates if you think they will be a distraction. Most importantly, you can also create your own gallery of templates. This is very useful for various reasons:

Watch the step by step video included in this blog post to learn more about Survey123 design templates.

Make your forms geographically smarter with layer queries

What if your form could automatically populate questions based on a user provided location or address?  Check the following animation as an example: The Assessor’s Parcel Number is automatically calculated  as the building is selected in the map.


Animation showing how a parcel ID is calculated automatically when the respodent adds a point on top of the parcel
Use point-in-polygon queries to automatically calculate values in your Survey123 form

Not that this is a new concept for Survey123 forms as many of you have been doing this already for a while. What’s new in this release is that you can now setup geo-calculations right from within the Survey123 web designer. We also have simplified the XLSForm syntax for doing this through the new pulldata(“@layer”) function. No more custom JavaScript functions needed.  Best of all, you can include these geo-calculations in public surveys too!


Other highlights


Image illustrates the new audio question type in the Survey123 web designer
New audio question type in the Survey123 web designer

To learn more about what’s new in Connect, check this Esri Community blog post.

Learn more

We hope you enjoy all the features and improvements the team has worked hard to build for this October 2022 release of ArcGIS Survey123. Please visit the following links for more information:

Next steps

Our next update is planned for early December. Do not miss the opportunity to give us your feedback through the Survey123 Early Adopter website. Features in the works include:

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