Climate Science

Understanding climate dynamics starts with GIS

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Forecast, prepare, and adapt

As our changing climate continues to deliver a wide range of costly impacts, GIS technology is advancing climate risk modeling and resiliency planning. ArcGIS enables stakeholders to understand troves of disparate climate data, develop insightful information products, assess risk, and activate resiliency plans. Deploy reliable technology that supports decision-making, protects lives and property, and enhances economic development.

Apply science, mapping, and analytics to address the impacts of climate change

Prepare for climate impacts

Location intelligence helps build a detailed picture of potential climate hazards by combining climate science-based risk assessments with demographics and land cover and business activity societal data.

Evaluate the impacts
Learn about climate change
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Simplify your analysis and discover patterns

Climate professionals use GIS to investigate climate scenarios with 3D dynamic maps, time series simulations, and real-time interactive dashboards that scientists and nonexperts alike can understand.

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Perform analysis

Adapting to new climate regimes can mean developing new expertise. Decision-makers across the nation are using data and tools to reduce their risks from climate variability and change and their subsequent impacts and protect their investments.

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Mapping from space
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Turn data into actionable information

Climate risk analysis, fueled by climate and weather data, AI algorithms, and location technology, connects predictions to places and assets to help better understand climate impacts.

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Restore, preserve, and protect our world

Leverage a robust framework for iterative climate resiliency planning scenarios informed by predictive modeling and endorsed through stakeholder engagement to support optimal outcomes.

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Raise awareness on climate risk

Show research and analysis of climate impact and viable solutions through maps and multimedia for a visual narrative that connects with all audience levels.

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Adding prediction planning as disaster costs rise

Standout companies across many sectors use GIS to map and analyze information relevant to their business locations.

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Products for Climate Science

These collections of products and solutions will help kick-start your climate science projects with improved data organization, analysis, and sharing.


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