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GIS Weather

Facilitate optimal weather-driven decisions with GIS

Two squares with a weather station and a map showing fluctuating weather

Reveal new insights and transform weather services

As earth's ever-changing weather events become more volatile and costly, professionals use GIS to advance weather data visualization, prediction, and real-time decision support. ArcGIS enables the meteorological community to easily blend troves of authoritative weather data with curated location-based information. By upgrading an organization's geospatial resources, decision-makers help protect lives and property and enhance economic development.

Create more informative forecast products and services with GIS

Access weather data collections

Securely provide access to streaming curated atmospheric datasets with ArcGIS. Automatically update weather maps and databases and better respond with real-time alerts.

Explore weather data
How to interconnect systems
A map showing weather patterns in green and different shades of blue

See weather patterns more clearly

Meteorologists use GIS to better understand weather scenarios with 3D dynamic maps, time series simulations, and real-time interactive dashboards that enhance visualization to uncover patterns.

View live weather maps
Watch weather data in action
A map with red, yellow, and orange cylinders showing the movement of a hurricane along a coastline

Bring clarity to troves of data

Integrate out-of-the-box modeling environments with open-source spatial algorithms, data libraries, and programming languages. Enrich research with ready-to-analyze and streaming weather data sources.

Explore open science
Go to disaster response hub
Three colorful wildfire maps

Make decisions confidently

Discover real-time weather data, make predictions, and interpolate surfaces. Use comprehensive current and streaming real-time weather data for more accurate weather predictions.

Predict weather with data
Read about weather forecasting
A split screen of a grassy field and mountains lighting up as sunshine peaks through clouds, and a map of weather patterns

Operate securely with other scientists

Easily access weather information across systems, and quickly share results and research with colleagues using a built-in collaborative framework.

How to collaborate with ArcGIS
A split screen of a businessperson looking off in the distance while taking holding a pen near paper, and a map with green dots indicating significant locations

Get stakeholders involved and excited

Leverage a robust framework for iterative weather event planning scenarios informed by predictive modeling and endorsed through stakeholder engagement to support optimal outcomes.

Create more effective plans
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National Weather Service GIS

Explore various types of National Weather Service (NWS) data that are available for public use.

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Products for GIS Weather

These collections of products and solutions will help kick-start your weather research with improved data organization, analysis, and sharing.


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