Marine Science

GIS provides a new window to the undersea world

Two squares showing a turtle swimming under clear water near a core reef and a map with illustrated purple cylinders coming out of the ocean to show sea level

A sustainable, healthy ocean is possible

As the ocean's economic use increases and climate impacts intensify, ArcGIS provides a connective thread to advance ocean mapping and interpretation. Marine professionals collaborate using GIS technology to create interdisciplinary approaches to science. They have developed sustainable strategies that maintain a healthy marine ecosystem and promote sustainable economic development.

Create a sustainable marine environment with insights

Rediscover the seafloor and marine habitat

Adopt a holistic view of the marine environment that connects stakeholders via interactive maps and dashboards to facilitate understanding, synergy, and collaborative decision-making.

View ocean maps
A person working on a computer with two screens in an office and a pink map overlaid

Get secure marine data collections

Easily integrate, gain access to, and optimize‚ÄĮdisparate ocean data in secure cloud or hybrid data services to facilitate seamless data exchange.

Explore an ocean of data
A split screen of an octopus floating through the water and a map of the ocean floor

Dig into ready-to-analyze data sources

Combine out-of-the-box modeling environments with open-source spatial algorithms, open data libraries, and programming languages.

Explore open science
View 3D oxygen measurements
Three ocean maps layered on top of each other

See underwater patterns more clearly

Modernize marine understanding using 3D mapping. Slice through the ocean depths with subsurface profiling, 3D simulations, time series animations, and interactive maps to uncover hidden patterns.

See the ocean in 3D
View Ecological Marine Units
An underwater profile with a 3D yellow layer slicing through the subsurface profiling and red, yellow, and green dots showing patterns displayed on a desktop computer

Restore, preserve, and protect our ocean

Leverage a robust framework for iterative marine ecosystem planning scenarios. These scenarios are informed by suitability modeling and endorsed by stakeholder engagement.

Learn about geodesign
A map of Australia surrounded by illustrations of the currents

Operate securely with other scientists

Easily access marine layers across systems, and quickly share results and research with colleagues and other teams using a built-in collaborative framework.

How to collaborate with ArcGIS
A split screen of a businessperson typing at a desk with a computer and a map of the coastline with green and red locations


Understanding the seafloor to achieve prosperity

Clearwater Seafoods gains vital understanding of seafloor and marine habitat using GIS maps, leading to operational efficiency and marine stewardship.

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Products for Marine Science

These collections of products and solutions will help kick-start your marine science projects with improved data organization, analysis, and sharing.


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