Emergency Communications

Location matters when verifying addresses and allocating resources

GIS for next generation call taking

GIS mapping helps 911 call systems and Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) personnel identify dispatchable addresses more quickly during unfolding events. ArcGIS accurately displays available resources and provides first responders and call centers with more reliable routes, reducing emergency response times and saving lives.


Get your PSAP NG911 ready

PSAPs face a myriad of challenges in triaging calls for service and assigning first responders to them. Having a geographic information system that embraces security standards while offering valuable information to telecommunicators and first responders is evolutionary and lifesaving. With the growing demand for improved location data accuracy, communities are expecting more from their government leaders. By leveraging best practices on data collection and management, PSAPs are better equipped to understand where help is needed, even indoors, with enhanced 911 mapping.


Making location intelligence a key part of your emergency communications workflow will improve data management and location accuracy, resulting in better decision-making in the field or the command center.

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5 Ways GIS Empowers Next Generation 911

Powerful geospatial capabilities help PSAPs tackle the challenging landscape of Next Generation 911. Learn how location intelligence can modernize your computer-aided dispatch.

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