Strengthen Operational Effectiveness

Increasing business performance

Person looking outward while selecting something on a tablet, alongside a photo of a city, a location marker, and colorful map hexagons

How BP Global gains insight with One Map

BP Global's GIS-powered One Map delivers a single, real-time view into global operations and analysis that has revolutionized how it does business.

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Spatial workflows to strengthen operations

Supply network digitization and resilience

Get a real-time view so you can digitize, visualize, and analyze global network operations. Create a physical-to-digital-to physical loop enabling rapid adjustments to the live network that optimizes performance while collecting streams of data for advanced analytics. Improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and grow customer satisfaction.

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Network, fleet, and asset optimization

Location technology helps planners design, maintain, and fine-tune high-performing assets across a network. Navigate from hyperlocal issues up to global threats while capturing streams of operations data that feeds deeper analysis, leading to operational efficiencies and faster business innovation.

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Territory alignment and optimization

Assess and reset sales boundaries to better align with shifting customer demand and highest market potential. Location-driven intelligence improves territory visualization, scenario planning, and territory adjustments. Optimize sales resources based on workload, revenue performance, strategic accounts, and a developing pipeline.

A multi-colored map with home sales metrics to the right and bar graphs on the bottom of the screen

Facility mapping and situational awareness

Plan, monitor, and analyze complex facility portfolios with GIS to gain insight into utilization patterns and recurring issues for greater operational effectiveness. Find ways to cut costs, protect assets, and increase workplace safety by detecting potential threats. Simplify management of construction, renovation, and maintenance projects.

Density Management with ArcGIS Indoors dashboard with a map and metrics

Field operations planning and monitoring

Plan, monitor, and spatially analyze progress in the field, optimize routes across the network, view and capture mission-critical data in the field, and know where staff are and have been. Seamlessly communicate the status of field operations with integrated, live dashboards that monitor, track, and report real-time data.

A tablet screen with a map of USA weather and wildfires next to a smart phone screen with a zoomed in view of an area

Advanced analytics across global operations

Use location-based analysis to uncover hidden patterns, improve predictive modeling, and create a spatial business advantage. With powerful GIS capabilities for enterprise analytics—artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, big data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) feeds, modeling, and imagery—data scientists can rapidly scale analytics processes, advancing operational transformations.

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UPS strengthens customer connection

GIS and location intelligence power UPS's logistics operations analysis and continual improvement.

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