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Protecting people, property, and the environment

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Health, safety, and environment objectives are top pipeline operator priorities. Using ArcGIS helps reveal and address unsafe conditions that threaten a pipeline's workforce, its community, and the area in which it operates.

Strengthen pipeline health, safety, and environment strategies

Employee tracking and hazard notification

Sensors are integrated into vehicles and devices used by mobile crews as they perform inspections and maintenance tasks. This allows the location of employees to be continually known and visualized in real time on dashboards. If an employee is in a hazardous area, an alert can be triggered to the employee's location-aware device to provide timely information of needed caution or importance.

Two pipeline operators looking a tablet while inspecting a pipeline

Spill and plume analysis and planning

Responding intelligently and confidently to an unintended flow of a hazardous liquid or gas from a pipeline requires analysis and planning. Pipeline operators rely on GIS spatial capabilities to assess likely affected areas.

A pipeline in muddy pond water

Proactive work adjustments

ArcGIS consumes real-time feeds and enables you to alert pipeline operators and the public to unfolding dangers, saving lives and property. Feeds are streams of data from sensor networks that update as new data becomes available. They include the latest data about traffic, severe weather, notable activity, boundary movement of natural disasters such as floods and wildfires, and social media mentions.

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Analyzing weather data for pipeline safety

ONEOK and DTN present how their companies collaborated in better decision-making using weather data in proximity to ONEOK key facilities.

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