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Preserve what you have

Preserving the life of your existing assets is more than good practice—it is a requirement under current federal regulations. Esri GIS allows you to comprehensively organize your road assets, understand their location and condition, and integrate your systems with the leading asset management solutions for your road and highway maintenance. Esri provides mobile solutions designed to help your highway maintenance workers collect and inspect your assets in the field. Give your fieldworkers the information they need to be more productive and keep assets in top condition. Good roads do cost less.

Know your assets

The key to an effective road and highway maintenance management strategy is understanding the location and condition of assets. ArcGIS provides the foundation for your asset inventory, so you know exactly what you have and need to maintain for a healthy transportation system.

Analyze and visualize asset performance

You want to ensure that you are getting a full life cycle out of your assets and the best value from road and highway maintenance activities. GIS can help you quickly understand asset performance, develop a plan for preserving assets, and monitor your crews as they maintain critical assets.

Empower your mobile workforce

Field crews can capture the latest information with a full suite of field data collection solutions. Update your existing inventory and track maintenance activities and performance.

User Story

Paving the Road Ahead with ArcGIS and AI

The Bavarian State Ministry of Housing, Building and Transport leverages ArcGIS and AI to create a predictive road maintenance model.

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ArcGIS Solutions for maintenance

ArcGIS Solutions includes sets of ready-to-use-configurations for roads and highways maintenance.


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