Analyze accurate traffic crash data

Safer roads and highways benefit everyone

With GIS for road and highway safety, you can capture and analyze accurate traffic crash data. Historical records help you understand where accidents have occurred in the past and what measures you can take to prevent them in the future.


GIS can put information together from across your organization, creating a single authoritative source. Information products can combine analyses and map-based visualizations that help analysts understand areas of concern and countermeasures that will ensure the safest roadways possible.

Crash data management

The starting point for reliable safety analysis is a robust, multiyear crash database. Analyze accurate traffic crash data to capture all the relevant elements of a crash report and include key roadway characteristics drawn from across the organization. GIS for road and highway safety can help establish a system of record for the safety analyst, bringing a wealth of information together to facilitate better analysis and interagency collaboration.

The richest analytical capabilities anywhere

Use Esri's analytical tools to calculate the roadway segments that present the highest safety risk. GIS can help you analyze your traffic crash data to reveal patterns and unlock a deeper understanding of your safety data.

Effective public communication

Achieving strong results from your road safety plan depends on actively engaging with citizens. GIS gives you effective ways to communicate safety plans and show the impact of safety improvements, and it can help you increase the public's confidence—and participation—in your efforts.


Prince George’s roadmap for Vision Zero

Vision Zero Prince George’s countywide strategy is built on ArcGIS Hub to provide resources for community members to engage the Vision Zero strategy.

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