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Project Delivery

Enhance capital improvement value

Using GIS in transportation project delivery helps ensure that transportation capital improvement projects (CIP) are delivered in a safe and timely manner while meeting contracted design and materials standards. The Project Delivery solution is all about data—especially for creating a web-based, seamless data flow from office to field. Ensure that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and per specifications. Esri provides a range of tools to help agencies efficiently share information from desk to field and with contractors. GIS for transportation project delivery allows you to enhance the delivery of CIP.

Engineering and surveying

Your engineering staff need to be involved from design through construction, inspections, and as-built creation. Esri provides key interoperability between your design software and GIS. Use mobile tools to support your engineering and survey requirements in the field for greater productivity and efficiency. We help you break down traditional software silos to create a seamless data and information flow.

Construction management

Effective construction management requires ready access to information. Collaboration among teams and continual communication with contractors are essential. Studies show that effective data sharing from early project stages can reduce delivery time by 20–50 percent. Assemble all project information with ArcGIS and make it continuously available throughout construction—anywhere and on any device. Your project inspectors will save time and collect more accurate information from the field when they use GIS in transportation capital improvement projects and project delivery.

Materials management

Materials management staff deliver specialized technical expertise and engineering services to ensure cost-effectiveness and quality control of all materials used in construction and maintenance. It's essential to allow internal and external users to collect and enter data related to sampling, testing, and certification, and then track and monitor field crews and maintain that test data at the project and program levels. Orchestrating and optimizing that workflow with office and field applications, GIS can take your testing and sampling procedures to the next level.

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