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Delivering aid and relief for the sudden onset and complex emergencies of today’s world requires agility in the planning and delivery of missions for all types of environments. Humanitarian organizations around the world rely on the Esri Geospatial Cloud to analyze and plan missions, mobilize and implement field teams quickly, and monitor and evaluate their effectiveness and sustainability, all in real-time. With location intelligence data and solutions from Esri, your missions will be prepared, managed and delivered effectively to ensure your organization’s efforts have maximum impact.


World Food Programme Uses GIS to Guide Operations

Real-time, map-based reporting helps WFP teams navigate weather, terrain, and security concerns.

Analyze and Plan

Understanding the scope, scale, and impact of an emergency is critical to determining the priority humanitarian needs. Esri provides tools to integrate and analyze existing data, mobilize the community to help fill data gaps, and a collaborative way to establish response options and objectives for your plan. Set your mission up for success before you even mobilize resources to the field.

GIS Provides Targeted Assistance to Displaced Persons in Iraq

Mobilize and Implement

Responding to emergencies in today’s world requires agencies to become more agile and informed, and the tools you rely on need to work in austere environments. Esri provides solutions that allow you to manage and track field teams in real-time, collect and exploit drone imagery to refine your plan, and technology that works at the edge with or without communications bandwidth. Mobilize your team and implement the plan while adjusting as needed to rapidly changing conditions.

Rohingya Refugee Emergency at a Glance

Monitor and Evaluate

Ensuring that your programs and missions are making a difference is critical to the immediate response and short-term recovery, as well as long-term sustainability of your efforts. Esri provides tools that help you monitor performance and accountability indicators, share information with partners, donors and the local community, and tools that help you engage and inform the local community for better sustainability. Ensure that your work is running smoothly and provide transparency where possible.

Shrinking the Distance to Food Aid

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