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Public Safety

The members of your community trust you to keep them safe. Put your trust in GIS to get it right with smarter situational awareness.

Bringing Clarity to Chaos

The City of Napa was left reeling after a massive earthquake in 2014. In need of making fast, informed decisions, the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services turned to Esri. The agency transformed streams of emergency data from static maps into live maps, which resulted in actionable intelligence and faster response across jurisdictions.


A common operating platform

Esri's GIS mapping software supplies real-time, reliable information when you need it most. See where a threat is headed. Know who and what are at risk. Execute a smarter strategy across jurisdictions—all through the power of visualizing, analyzing, and acting on data through the lens of location.

Collaboration and Engagement

Share detailed incident maps and reports within and outside your public safety agency. Transform briefings and community engagements by using interactive apps.

Analytics and Insight

Predict where incidents might occur based on past patterns and trends. Better prepare by knowing where your community is most vulnerable.

Awareness and Mobility

Empower field staff with GIS maps that deliver real-time situational awareness. Collect and visualize mission-critical data anytime, anywhere.


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    Empowering all levels of command

    With Esri's ArcGIS software, decision-makers have a trusted source for identifying threats, sharing information, and directing resources.

    Emergency and Disaster Management

    Develop response and recovery plans and strengthen situational awareness

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    Law Enforcement and National Security

    Understand crime and security patterns and collaborate across jurisdictions

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    Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services

    Analyze risk, develop pre-incident plans, and improve response times

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    Emergency Call Taking, Dispatch, and Records Management

    Gives personnel better awareness and understanding of emergencies

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