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Removing land mines

The HALO Trust uses Esri Story Maps to convey the scope of its demining efforts in countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, and Angola.

A platform for humanitarian development

Esri’s ArcGIS platform provides the data and analytics that enable you to quickly help communities in crisis. Use authoritative data and sophisticated analytics to speed the delivery of aid to populations, no matter their size.

Prioritize intelligently

ArcGIS workflows maximize the impact of humanitarian missions by optimizing the distribution of resources. Use authoritative data and advanced analytics to precisely prioritize where and what kind of help should be delivered.

Enable transparency and outreach

A location intelligence platform precisely measures results so you can justify expenditures and secure future funding. Take advantage of analytics that precisely assess program effectiveness and enable you to share it with all stakeholders via dashboards and map-based reports. Create Story Maps to tell your program stories via beautiful map-based interactives.

Actualize collaboration

ArcGIS is as a collaboration hub that facilitates partner/client interaction. Leverage easy-to-configure apps, interactive maps, and authoritative data to engage grantees, beneficiaries, donors, and the public.


Below are videos, demos, and other materials to help you apply location intelligence to your mission.
Olivier Cottray

Remnants of conflict

Drones to the rescue

Drones to the rescue

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