Performance Monitoring

Focus on customers for success

Successful and growing public transit agencies are those with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and performance improvement. With GIS, you can unite information from across your organization to analyze overall performance in new ways. With executive dashboards and other analytical tools, you can improve transit performance monitoring and communicate your success to the public.

Executive dashboards

Visualize almost every metric you use to judge performance.  Unite information from across divisions to understand transit performance at a glance and where you can improve. GIS provides the tools you need to achieve excellence.

Integrating business systems

Because almost all transit data has a geographic location, you can use GIS to unite information from disparate business systems and achieve greater insight for transit performance monitoring.  Use the power of spatial and business intelligence to analyze and improve transit performance.

Public communication

A hallmark of successful public transit agencies is effective communication with their riding public. Whether looking for the optimal route across town or needing to know when the next bus will be at a stop, your customers can access this information on any device, anywhere, anytime with GIS.  That helps to increase ridership and build brand loyalty.

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Maryland promotes transit-oriented development

The Maryland Department of Planning is promoting transit-oriented development benefits that lead to strong local economies and vibrant neighborhoods.

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