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Create a more inclusive transit system

Understand your community to design an equitable transit system

Public transportation professionals know that equitable and safe access to transportation is a right of all community members. GIS provides powerful analytical and mapping tools to help you achieve transit equity. Better understand community needs and mobility requirements, improve project prioritization and transit access in neighborhoods, and design effective services to deliver equitable transportation resources to all.


Addressing equity in transit

Discover how GIS can foster a better understanding of your community's transportation needs and help you design and build a more equitable transportation system.

Understand your community

Understanding precedes action. Gaining deeper knowledge about your community is necessary to enhance service and advance racial equity in transit. Identifying where economic and mobility challenges occur is a first step in addressing equity. Esri's rich data sources can help you analyze specific populations in your community. GIS tools allow you to visualize factors such as where low-income seniors, residents in severely rent-burdened households, and people with disabilities live. GIS is a connected technology that helps you strategically address residents' needs through an equitable lens. 

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Operationalize equity

Solutions that address equity will be unique to each community. GIS is not a one-size-fits-all technology; it is nimble enough to help you build social, racial, and economic indexes designed to address equity issues in a specific community. Whether issues relate to urban displacement, poor air quality, safety, or lack of mobility options for getting to schools and jobs, GIS can help you create comprehensive measures designed to make transportation systems more inclusive, and better meet the needs of everyone in the community.

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Design equitable services

GIS provides a comprehensive analysis of your community, so you can understand priority areas and accessibility to existing services. Use that insight to design tailored services that foster a more inclusive community transportation system. Achieve community equity goals to ensure that everyone has access to dignified, frequent, and affordable transportation.

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Chicago RTA transforms rider experience with GIS

The Chicago Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) used GIS to understand and fulfill riders’ needs while enhancing the services they provide.

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