Safety and Security

Safe and secure

With an ever more diverse population taking public transit, providing a safe and secure system is critical to continued success. GIS delivers a comprehensive real-time view of your transit security operations, whether in the station or on the bus, to help you gain situational awareness. GIS can help you respond more effectively in the field and achieve better coordination among security personnel.

Security operational view

Integrating disparate technologies into a framework that delivers situational intelligence is the core challenge for many transit security professionals. GIS helps address this problem. GIS integrates all sensor and surveillance feeds to give public transit agencies access to all control systems for a comprehensive security operational view.

Incident management

With GIS, you can capture, document, visualize, and understand any incident in near real time, gaining greater ability to quickly and intelligently respond. Whether an emergency in a station or a crash involving a bus, gain real-time data visibility and improved incident response.

Mobile communication

Ensure that your first responders and transit security command centers can share the same information. Responders in the field can use GIS to update their precise location and status while communicating with the command center in real time. All transit security personnel can share the same understanding of evolving events.


ProRail improves transportation infrastructure

ProRail's digital twin identifies the minimum amount of track closures needed to conduct maintenance safely to keep its network moving.

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