Route Planning and Optimization

Gain the upper hand on urban mobility

Our urban mobility patterns are rapidly changing, and to keep pace, public transportation agencies need to transform their services—and their approach to customer service. This transformation will require greater reliance on information and analysis to help staff better plan—and deliver—services to a more diverse public. GIS supports public transit route planning and optimization with location-based tools that enhance urban mobility and customer service.


Leading public transport agencies all face three interrelated requirements in addressing these challenges:


• Support transit route planning that delivers optimal service at the lowest cost to customers

• Provide excellent customer service to a highly diverse customer base

• Continually improve performance as ridership increases

Accessibility analysis

A critical part of successful transit route planning is understanding accessibility—who lives within the stop catchment area, accessibility to jobs and points of interest, and the level of service offered to different populations in your community. Esri provides unmatched analytical tools to help you design the best service for your community.

Rich demographic data

Designing the most effective service depends on having access to the best data: demographic, employment, lifestyle, and mobility data. Esri has the richest sources of data to help you understand current mobility patterns, where untapped potential ridership could be captured, and how you can maximize service in your community.

Optimized route design

Analyze and visualize residential and employment densities. Overlay existing and planned land use to support development goals. Guide transit route optimization with accessibility tools and travel pattern data to maximize ridership. Build community values and goals into your analysis to ensure that transit route planning best serves your community.


Reimaging transit through a geographic approach

WeGo Public Transit has leveraged GIS to gain a profound understanding of how best to shape post pandemic and future public transit services.

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