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Roads and Highways

Departments of transportation need cost-effective tools to manage assets, human resources, and office and field operations. Use GIS to plan, monitor, and manage infrastructure more effectively. Determine capacity enhancements, improve operations, and identify the most strategic investments.



Barbara Cohn, Colorado Department of Transportation

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) leverages Esri's ArcGIS platform to elevate the organization's digital transformation. Using location intelligence to manage critical assets and analyze real-time data for operational excellence. See how CDOT uses data to feed organizational and public decision making.


Bring smarter planning to bear for your community.

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Manage and respond to real-time data.

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Make the most strategic investment decisions.

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Get better analysis for greater safety .

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Specialized apps

Esri Roads and Highways

Gain a comprehensive view of your roads. This linear referencing system (LRS) solution enables departments of transportation to integrate data from multiple LRS networks. 

Learn more about Esri Roads and Highways

Apps for the Field

Know—in real time—where your assets and crews are. Apps for data collection, report generation, and workflow management give you a full view. 

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Insights for ArcGIS

Explore and analyze data, and support data-driven decisions with powerful spatial analytics. 

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Machine Learning to Predict Accident Probability

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