Manage wildland fire risk with location intelligence

Firefighter conducting a controlled burn, map of forested area

Implement risk reduction plans with GIS

Successful fuel management plans blend wildfire mitigation practices and community priorities. Use GIS-based apps to report data in real time and make maps that convey information to decision-makers and the public. Map-based dashboards give leaders a holistic view of public sentiment and program metrics to guide plans that meet community needs and reduce risk.

Mitigate wildland fire risk with location intelligence

Create fuels reduction strategies

ArcGIS helps agencies define project boundaries, identify vegetation to be removed, monitor fuels reduction progress, and quantify the effectiveness of mitigation efforts. Spatial insights help firefighters save communities and the environment from the negative impacts of wildland fire.

Map of fuel data and person taking a photo of a forested area

Enhance fire defense and home resilience

Communities must create areas where firefighters can safely defend homes. With ArcGIS, agencies can use mobile field data collection applications to assess the conditions of residences at risk, identify mitigation actions needed to increase defensible space, and record recommended home hardening actions that increase a structure's resiliency to wildland fire.

Smoke and fire on a hill near a house

Optimize prescribed fires and impact analysis

ArcGIS helps agency staff determine where to conduct prescribed fires on the landscape while considering fuel type, topography, wildlife habitat, and weather conditions. Fire managers can use spatial analysis to forecast how a prescribed fire will behave under a variety of conditions, view the impact of the resultant smoke on communities, and achieve the greatest benefit.

Map of wooded area and boundaries


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