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Track, manage, and suppress wildland fires with real-time data

Firefighter walking toward towering flames and a fire boundary map

Locate and respond to incidents

Situational awareness is key to responding to emergencies. ArcGIS software uses real-time location data to help those in charge monitor situations, allowing for prompt updates and smart decisions that safeguard people and property. This location intelligence from powerful mapping and spatial analytics enables teams to monitor changes and act immediately as situations arise.

Suppress wildland fires with location intelligence

Suppress and manage wildland fires

When a fire breaks out, knowing its exact location is crucial. GIS is used to plot the fire location; identify potential effects on people, critical infrastructure, and the landscape; and determine property ownership in impacted areas. Decision-makers can also compare past and current wildland fire footprints and identify natural barriers to inform response efforts.

Map of wildfires and a photo of the burned area

Streamline incident management in the field

Using GIS, fire staff can manage and deploy resources to efficiently respond to wildfires. Viewing real-time locations of fire suppression and support assets enables a quicker response. In the field, mobile data collection provides a real-time common operating picture for responders and helps agencies track firefighter locations.

Firefighters near fire and map of fire incidents

Monitor and react to real-time information

Situational awareness is crucial for effective response operations. Real-time location-based solutions enable commanders to monitor changes, brief staff and the public, and make informed decisions that save lives. ArcGIS software provides powerful mapping and analytics capabilities, giving firefighters an overview of ongoing events.

Map of fire events

Inform the public in real time

Provide vital information—such as road closures, evacuation zones, and shelters—to the public, affected residents, and other stakeholders using GIS. Esri's technology also aids authoritative public communication with visual data, storytelling tools, and powerful, detailed digital maps designed to scale when the public and media need them most.

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#FireMappers monitor quickly spreading wildfires

Volunteers fill in data gaps about new fires and changing fire perimeters and connect fire locations on a map to authoritative resources.

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