Help communities rehabilitate landscapes and recover after a wildfire

A map showing active burn areas in red, burn scars in black, and recovered areas, and new plants sprouting next to charred trees

Assess, stabilize, and restore the environment

After a wildfire, it's essential to assess damage and stabilize environments. Using GIS, agencies can evaluate damage and clear debris, analyze burn severity to identify high-risk areas for postfire flooding and landslides, plan stabilization efforts, and determine long-term environmental restoration actions.

Recover after a wildland fire with location intelligence

Inspect damage and plan for cleanup

After a wildland fire, it's important for firefighters, government leaders, utility company staff, and others to assess the extent of the damage. Using mobile devices to collect data and pictures of destroyed residences, infrastructure, and associated debris, staff can map, inventory, and communicate damage in real time.

Map and photo of fire damaged area

Stabilize and rehabilitate burned areas

Burn severity is an assessment of how much heat a fire transferred into the ground. High burn severities with intense fires can leave areas at an increased risk of erosion, leading to flooding, debris flows, and landslides. Using GIS, fire staff can determine burn severity to target the high-priority areas for rehabilitation and stabilization efforts.

Website showing wildfire impacts

Plan long-term recovery and rehabilitation

Postwildfire rehabilitation and stabilization efforts require long-term management, as recovery for burned areas can take decades. By mapping and monitoring soil and vegetation changes with GIS, fire managers can develop and modify recovery plans and manage these efforts in the long term for greater resilience.

Map of burned areas and photo of burned trees

case study

Location analytics supports wildfire relief

Direct Relief chose ArcGIS Insights for data analysis and population tracking during the 2018 Camp Fire in California's Butte County.

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