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Create and inform your strategy

The opioid crisis presents a complex problem that cannot be solved overnight. However, you can be proactive by using your data more effectively. Modern GIS technology combines mapping and analytics, allowing you to see your data in a new way.

With ArcGIS, location is key to getting ahead of the opioid epidemic. Use simple maps and apps to perform powerful location-based analytics on your data. Make better decisions when planning your outreach and prevention programs. Use interactive maps to raise public awareness and improve access to vital treatment services.

GIS is the solution for your opioid epidemic

Educate the community

Use overdose maps to communicate the severity of the epidemic.

Locate treatment options

Show the public where current treatment options and ideal locations for service providers are located as well as understand gaps in service.

Monitor program effectiveness

Monitor the response and prevention activities as they happen to help make a strategy adaptable and agile.

Make GIS the foundation of your strategy

Esri provides the software, content, and services needed to respond to the opioid epidemic. We can help you launch your location platform, develop your staff capabilities, and set your long-term vision. Esri can help you get started quickly with a technology jump-start package.

GIS in Action

Oakland County maps the epidemic

Oakland County Health Department present their GIS solution and the current state of the opioid crisis in their county.

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