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July - September 2004
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  Focus Departments
Interoperability Multiplies Returns on Investment
GIS supplies infrastructure, yields benefits
Internet Mapping Changes the Way County Does Business
Generating income and speeding work flow
Modernizing Land Records Pays Off
$2 million in fees, benefits across the country
County Cuts Costs and Improves Response
Mobile GIS for code enforcement

Special Section

   Be More Productive
   With ArcGIS 9
ArcGIS 9 Enhancements Promote Productivity
New version helps users work efficiently [PDF-2.1 MB]

-Get data for tutorial [ZIP-31 MB]

   End Notes

Mobile GIS Helps Fight Desert Dumping
Fields investigations handled more efficiently.

   Developer's Corner
Interpolating Surfaces in ArcGIS Spatial Analyst [PDF-1 MB]
An introduction to methods for surface generation
Storing and Maintaining Topology in an ArcSDE Geodatabase [PDF-196 KB]
Understanding how ArcSDE stores the topology definition and topology errors
Deriving Subset Volumes With Grid Masks
[PDF 2.4 MB]
Second in series on modeling ore bodies
-Get data for tutorial [ZIP-584 KB]
Affordable System for Viewing Spatial Data in Stereo
[PDF-584 KB]
GeoWall makes enhanced three-dimensional capabilities
Create Anaglyphs Using ArcScene
[PDF-756 KB]
Free software converts exported images.
More Ways to Be Productive
[PDF-828 KB]
Second in timesaving series
Working with ArcGIS 9: Building a Groundwater Protection Model
[PDF-3.9 MB]
Using new geoprocessing tools and modelbuilder
- Get sample dataset [ZIP-12 MB]

Guiding Growth in Booming Las Vegas
Smart planning techniques help city cope with growth.
Restoring America's Everglades With GIS
Water district working on recovery program.
Taking a Bite Out of Illegal Food Stamp Traffic
WebFOCUS and ArcIMS used to spot trends
Managing Health Programs Using GIS
NGO optimizes delivery of services
Vermont Develops Spatially Enabled Transportation Tools
Data repository and applications provides users current information.

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