GDi Ensemble OSS Asset Manager

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GDi Ensemble OSS Asset Manager is a software solution that helps organizations manage the lifecycle of their physical infrastructure, such as buildings, assets, cell towers, cables, and network equipment. The module is designed to help organizations optimize infrastructure investment, reduce costs and improve network performance. GDi Ensemble OSS Asset Manager can be used as a standalone module or integrated with other GDi Ensemble OSS modules enabling end-to-end plan, build and run of digital infrastructures. GDi Ensemble OSS Asset Manager key features are: Inventory management: to track and manage inventory of infrastructure assets, such as buildings, equipment, cables, and towers. It provides real-time visibility into the availability and status of these assets. GDi Ensemble OSS Asset Manager has its own asset inventory management which can be used as a standalone and also can be integrated with GDi Ensemble Vizion OSS PNI or any other standard inventory solution (e.g. telecom inventory), Maintenance and repair: to track maintenance and repair of telecom infrastructure assets or any other industry infrastructure assets, including scheduling preventative maintenance, managing repairs, and tracking maintenance history.


Electric & Gas,Telco,Water Resources

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