GDi Ensemble OSS Geo-Infrastructure Manager

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The GDi Ensemble GIM is a geographical resource catalog and inventory component responsible for organizing the collection of resource specifications and accounting for resources (with focus on geographical aspect of assets) that are owned and/or held for allocation and/or use by the CSPs. The GDi Ensemble GIM component has functionality that includes inventory items creation, inventory organization, inventory search or filter, inventory monitoring and tracking, inventory control and inventory auditing. GDi Ensemble GIM resource catalog management functionality enables presentation of a customer-facing view so users are able to browse and select resource they need, as well as a combined geographical and technical view to enable, define and setup resources contained in the resource catalog. The GDi Ensemble GIM is a software product used mainly to plan, design and build telecom networks and support the GDi Ensemble PNI in telecom network operations. The GDi Ensemble GIM is used by: network planners who create strategic plans for future investments in telecom infrastructure (e.g. GPON networks and infrastructure) network designers who create detailed automatic, semi-automatic and manual network development designs as as-planned documentation network development teams who work together with civil engineering and telecom installation people and external companies who build and install the network and collect all required permits and create the as-build documentation or to be more precise update as-planned data and promote it to the as-built status ready for operations, integrations and reconciliation with the GDi Ensemble PNI and even GDi Ensemble LNI capabilities, and further with the services inventory and all other BSS and OSS systems.


Electric & Gas, Telco, Water Resources

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