GDi Ensemble OSS Vizion Logical Network Inventory

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Logical Resource Inventory application provides modules related to recording information about logical resources. This application can be used to inventory logical assets within the operator’s network, such as: Optical WDM connections. SDH/PDH transmission. IP backbone. Semi-permanent ATM connections. The module can also be used to record information on various network segments (backbone network, access network) delivered over different topologies (mesh, ring, tree). Different transmission technology resources are grouped into logical layers. Network structure for each layer is stored in the database as a graph of nodes and links set up between the nodes. Nodes correspond to actual transmission equipment with ports that provide the right signal. Links represent basic connections created within the layer, for example, a 2 Mbps link between transport network nodes. For each link, information on its utilization and total bandwidth is added. Users may edit the network structure by adding, modifying, and deleting nodes and links. System user can drill down from logical objects (nodes and links) to their underlying physical devices.


Electric & Gas, Telco, Water Resources

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