GDi Ensemble OSS iActivator

By GDi CMT Global

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iActivator is flexible provisioning solution customizable to any network as central provision system or support provision system. It provides functionality of activation, deactivation and modification of the service parameters on the various network elements initiated from the single source. It gives the Operator the machine-to-machine interface between initiating system and one or more target system in the flexible and reliable way achieved by specially designed modular architecture iActivator brings following benefits to the Operator: Flexibility – as iActivator is solution oriented with ability to adopt to any network and network elements on provisioning protocol level, it is enables Operator to be very flexible in planning of the subscriber service provisioning strategy   One-stop provisioning – when iActivator is used as central provisioning system it brings one-stop provisioning point from which subscriber service provisioning is done in transactional way   Future proof – due iActivator modular architecture, it enables Operator to be future proof considering integration of new network elements   Subscriber satisfaction – as provisioning is done automatically, service activation time is minimized, rising satisfaction level of the subscribers



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