GDi Ensemble OSS Order Management

By GDi CMT Global

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GDi Ensemble Order Management covers service and resource management activities by orchestrating the entire service order fulfillment process. The main components of the order management are a set of well-defined and TMF (TMF 641 / 701) standardized Open APIs that receive the BSS-initiated order via north bound interfaces Order management system (OMS) is used to handle service orders to: • receive and store service orders and track statuses of order items and cumulative status of orders provide information about order status (on demand or by sending notifications) • maintain customer’s service tree which is stored externally in the service inventory (SI) • maintain customer’s resources which are stored externally in resource inventory (RI) • maintain customer’s devices • identify processes that must be initiated and tracked externally in the BPM tool and maintain its process data


Electric & Gas, Telco, Water Resources

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