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GDi Ensemble Vizion Service Management is a system that maintains information about the services offered by a telecommunications network operator. It is a central repository for service-related information, such as service definitions, service features, and service activation rules. The inventory contains a record of each service provided, including its technical and business attributes, service dependencies, and relationships to other services. Service Inventory is a critical system for telecom operators, as it enables them to manage the entire lifecycle of services, from creation to retirement. It plays a crucial role in service provisioning, activation, and management. It provides a single view of all the services offered by the operator and helps in understanding the dependencies and relationships between different services. It allows for the tracking of the usage and performance of services and helps in identifying issues and resolving them in a timely manner. The module offers great service modeling flexibility, an important feature in the rapidly changing telecommunication service markets. The service model provides a precise inventory of Customer Facing Service (CFS) parameters and Resource Facing Service (RFS) parameters. GDi Ensemble Vizion Service Management includes the following functional modules: Service Catalog: A service catalog is a database of all the services offered by the operator, along with their technical and business attributes. Service Relationship Management: The service relationship management system manages the relationships and dependencies between services. Service Inventory Management: The service inventory management system manages the lifecycle of services, from creation to retirement.  


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