GDi Ensemble OSS Vizion Discovery and Reconciliation

By GDi CMT Global

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GDi Ensemble OSS Vizion D&R includes data synchronization module enabling reconciliation of inventory data downloaded from the network with data stored in Network/Service Inventory repositories. All data retrieved from the network elements, element management systems, network management systems or other devices are unified and persisted in the temporary database in a normalized format. The data reconciliation does not include direct communication with the network elements, NMS or EMS for which the dedicated module is used. Data from Resource Inventory repository is exported to corresponding tables, also in unified data structures. For seamless and quick comparison of the data ETL process is designed and established. Application displays list of actions (create, delete, modify) and displays their status. System user has an ability to review discrepancies and to approve all or some of them. The entire process is fully manageable and monitored. Thanks to data model flexibility it is possible to reflect any parameter and relationship between data originating from various sources providing such information as: physical configuration of network elements configuration parameters and also physical or logical resources data. Datasets are initially loaded to the temporary database and approved discrepancies are then loaded to the system database using mass import mechanisms as well as using direct communication provided by processing logic (business logic layer).


Electric & Gas, Telco, Water Resources

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