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UMBOSS is an umbrella resource and service assurance product designed to consolidate data across different domains to provide unified fault, performance, service quality and inventory management of networks and hybrid data centers. By integrating with an existing OSS/BSS and IT environment, UMBOSS maintains a unified real-world reference database that is used to centrally enrich collected data with contextual data – a real benefit and contribution to the network and IT operations of a telecom or enterprise IT. Another benefit that comes with an umbrella vantage point is the unique opportunity to scan all the domains in parallel, discover the whole network, and then discover all the topologies across domains. With such an approach there is the certainty that everything that exists in the network/IT is being monitored, and at the same time, referent topologies help track down any network issue. To summarize, UMBOSS provides: Insight into network and service health Quickly resolved issues Prompt reaction to any problem Fully supported NOC (Network Operations Center) and SOC (Service Operations Center) Timely management reports, Minimization of system outages


Electric & Gas, Telco, Water Resources

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