Route ReBuilder and Bifurcation Solver

By Works Consulting LLC

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This tool is extremely beneficial to roadway and pipeline transport agencies who consider it a hardship to calibrate their routes, for it allows them to adjust routes to have monotonicity routes without having to use calibrations. This Add-In evaluates route polyline features for bifurcations (i.e., forks in the road) and attempts to resolve the bifurcation by breaking the route into multiple sub-routes, each having a unique route identifier. As a preface, the initial routes are typically created using Esri's Create Routes (Linear Referencing) tool. This utility creates 3 output feature classes: • Point feature class of the locations where bifurcations exist, • Polyline feature class of the route parts (paths) participating in a bifurcation, • Route feature class (PolylineM) of non-bifurcating routes. Some users will be fine with the automated solution provided by this tool. Others will wish to use the first output (point feature class) to identify the bifurcation locations and solve them manually using route name adjustments.


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