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Disaster Strikes - Prepare, Publish, Practice
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Computer-Aided Dispatch/E911

Emergency Call Taking and Dispatch

Putting spatial intelligence at the fingertips of dispatchers and field personnel ensures proper response time. Learn More

Emergency/Disaster Management

Emergency/Disaster Management

GIS is essential for all phases: preparation, mitigation, response, and recovery. Learn More

Fire, Rescue, and EMS

Fire/Rescue and EMS

GIS helps fire/rescue and EMS protect life and property using information and analysis as a powerful tool. Learn More

Homeland Security

Homeland/National Security

Federal, state, local, and tribal agencies use GIS to support the homeland/national security mission. Learn More

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Discover how to leverage data collected each day to create intelligence you can use and share. Learn More

Wildland Fire Management

Wildland Fire Management

Access to information, increased safety and efficiency, and resource management are realized with GIS. Learn More

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