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Providing location intelligence across the entire life cycle

No matter which part of the wildfire life cycle you are addressing, GIS supports your mission strategies, including preparedness, suppression, rehabilitation, and fuel management. GIS provides firefighters with tools to identify, analyze, and understand the landscape. When a wildfire starts, maps provide the situational awareness decision-makers need to save lives and protect property.

Resilience strategies for wildland fire

Large, fast-moving wildfires present a complex, multifaceted challenge. With GIS, firefighters can analyze physical features through geographic layers that can be weighted, examined individually or collectively, and modeled to understand potential wildfire threat and treatments to reduce potential impacts. As command staff identify priorities and take action to reduce vulnerability, agencies can visualize, record, and track the status of their accomplishments in the field. An executive brief shares how GIS helps decision-makers build resilience across the entire wildfire life cycle.

Fire burning across hills at night

Resources to help you get started

Use this collection of Esri solutions, applications, and blog articles to help plan and manage your wildland fire strategies.

Wildfire resource hub
Get maps, datasets, applications, and more to support wildfire preparedness and response efforts.
Emergency Management Operations solution
Esri's solution for emergency management operations is available as a complete bundle that includes all the software, apps, content, and services you need to get started.
ArcGIS Blog: Arcade and satellite fire detections
A new global layer—available as a live feed—represents the most frequently updated and most detailed remotely sensed fire information.
Disaster Response Program—Wildfires
Access Esri technology, technical support, and help with common workflows like damage assessment or public information when your agency exceeds its capacity.

Upcoming webinars

Stay up-to-date on trends, technology, and best practices related to GIS in public safety.

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Introduction to ArcGIS Pro for Wildfire GISS

Wildfire GIS specialists (GISS) are now using ArcGIS Pro for incident response. Six courses will help students get started with ArcGIS Pro and provide the foundation for using ArcGIS Pro for active fire mapping.

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