Trends in Mapping and Geographic Analysis to Support Public Safety


Do your public safety professionals have access to maps and geographic analysis products focused on supporting their work? Do you waste time with clunky, outdated workflows or slow, inefficient access to technology? Would you like to modernize your GIS capabilities in your public safety organization?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,then please join us for this webinar series that will help you transform Public Safety to help people, organizations and community.

These one-hour webinars will show you how easy it is to:

  • Improve access to maps and spatial tools to support emergency management workflows.
  • Provide fire and rescue with better information to meet standards of cover.
  • Help allocate limited law enforcement resources to address community needs.
  • Support emergency call taking and dispatch.

ArcGIS for Emergency Management - June 11 & 12 View Recording >

Emergency Management Learn the basics to leverage ArcGIS Online to create maps to support various emergency support functions. Create your web portal including basemaps, imagery, and content. We will show you how to connect with people through citizen apps, how to improve internal data sharing, and introduce you to damage assessment workflows supported with the Collector App and the Operations Dashboards.

ArcGIS for Fire and Rescue - TBA

Fire and Rescue Imagine having fire run books, station wall maps and pre-incident plan maps that are all consistent, up-to-date and available everywhere. Imagine a desktop application that allows you to identify threats and hazards and help determine risk and required resource capabilities. This webinar will show you how to leverage these solutions to support your community and fire and rescue workflows.

ArcGIS for Law Enforcement - TBA

Law Enforcement See how quickly you can adopt a complete off-the-shelf solution to streamline crime mapping and analysis, performance dashboards, field interviews, track and manage prolific offenders, and create intelligence products to support tactical entry and investigations. This webinar will show you how to support your entire law enforcement agency from the office to the field with simple to use tools that non-GIS law enforcement professionals can use.

Emergency Call Taking and Dispatch - TBA

Call Taking and Dispatch Learn about how GIS supports the entire emergency call taking and dispatch workflow, from address and public safety data management to getting the right information to responders. We will show you some simple tools and examples from our user community who are tasked with similar challenges to provide efficient and effective call taking and dispatch.

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