Emergency Call Taking and Dispatch

ArcGIS as a System for Computer-Aided Dispatch

Geospatial capabilities are pervasive throughout the emergency dispatch workflow and operational on the desktop, over the IT enterprise, within the internet cloud, or in a mobile environment. Optimize information and services across CAD, RMS, and MDT systems for improved incident response and resource management.

ArcGIS as a System


GIS desktop tools provide the ability to manage local GIS data to ensure accurate location response. 911 calls are quickly identified with GIS where spatial models can help analysts determine the most appropriate response.


Create a common information management framework between IT silos, disparate systems, and operational needs. A web-based GIS enabled common operating picture (COP) improves collaboration and information sharing between the dispatch center and public safety agencies. Fusing base and dynamic data such as; weather, traffic cameras, video, GPS, 911 calls, SARs, and etc, emergency dispatchers and first responders can easily make decisions with a complete picture of the incident without requiring a GIS specialist or significant GIS training. GIS integrated with collaborative technologies such as Microsoft SharePoint provides comprehensive information management workflow.


Providing incident data and information to personnel in the field is essential for an effective emergency response. Knowledge of the incident location is not enough; law enforcement and fire/rescue personnel are safer by visualizing incident and historical data through spatial referencing. Information related to the location of the incident such as its proximity to critical infrastructure, related incidents, crimes, or hazardous materials. Response personnel can have access to such information via a portable laptop, or through a PDA and cell phone.

Online Maps and Data

ArcGIS Online and provide access to all types of GIS data, imagery, and applications and is a key component of the ArcGIS system for emergency dispatch. A variety of worldwide base maps are available including imagery, streets, topography, community base maps and more. Emergency personnel can create private or public groups to exchange map data, projects, and presentations.

GIS Server

ArcGIS for Server is the core component of the GIS system for dispatch centers. It can be deployed within the dispatch center or can be hosted in the cloud and provided as a GIS service. ArcGIS for Server provides the platform for information analysis and management to perform an assessment to optimize resource allocations. ArcGIS for Server also provides mobile connections to consume updates and edits which are stored in the database and published to the situational awareness viewer. It also enables access to dynamic data, services, and other online GIS data that is made available to all other GIS clients and viewers within the system.

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