Emergency Response

Help first responders deliver the best possible response with GIS.

Map of the area around the Eiffel tower and a police officer using a mobile phone

Informed emergency response

For efficient, effective emergency response, first responders must have accurate and timely data. Real-time, up-to-date, and smart GIS maps combined with public safety broadband networks provide shared situational awareness in common operating pictures to ensure the best possible outcomes.

ArcGIS supports emergency response

Navigate with smart maps

First responders need powerful GIS capabilities at their fingertips to complement computer-aided dispatch systems. Since calls to 911 can be placed anywhere and many have 3D locations, GIS can translate the locations into dispatchable addresses with detailed geographic references. First responders can use GIS-based field apps to navigate outdoors and indoor maps to locate specific rooms inside a building.

An ambulance navigating to a destintation

Gain situational awareness

To support effective response and ensure safety, GIS provides first responders with the robust information they need about situations they will encounter. GIS provides incident locations, nearby infrastructure, and data-rich plans before arriving on scene. NG911, interoperable communications systems, and GIS power collaboration and data sharing with neighboring areas for added awareness.

A map with fire and building safety information.

Share understanding

With a shared common operating picture powered by real-time, up-to-date, and smart GIS maps, first responders have access to the same maps at the same time. Maps enriched with real-time geographic data and geospatial telemetry increase situational awareness within and across jurisdictional boundaries to provide effective coordinated response.

A map with information about the Camp Fire including status

Access maps everywhere

GIS provides first responders with the accurate and up-to-date maps and powerful geospatial tools they need regardless of where they are and what degree of public safety mobile broadband connectivity they have. Modern GIS apps work in connected and offline modes, giving first responders the power of dynamic 2D and 3D geographic data combined with analytics capabilities, regardless of location.

Firefighters at the scene of a blaze

Innovate with Esri partners

Esri partners use ArcGIS to provide mobile CAD, common operating picture, emergency management, and emergency notification solutions that connect directly to current, authoritative GIS data and caller location information. First responders can render the most effective aid possible, even when engaged with multiple external stakeholders.

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Field-tested—Building a common operating picture

San Antonio public safety manages large events and relies on FirstNet and Esri to provide the bandwidth needed to create a common operating picture.

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