Monitor, adjust, and collaborate in real time.

Get alerted to developments in real time when big data feeds to user-friendly dashboards. Strengthen your performance with maps that help you easily monitor stationary and moving assets. Respond to unforeseen events faster with solutions that notify you of operational changes. Esri solutions increase internal collaboration and improve operations performance. Your riders will feel the difference.

"Implementing ArcGIS gave NRIC a modern system that provides access to actual data about the railway network and its ownership throughout all levels of the company."

Erol Mustafov, Bulgarian National Railway Infrastructure Company



See your whole operation in real time. Optimize the service you deliver based on intelligence from your executive dashboards and applications.


Gain a holistic view of your data. Esri integrates all your network information, for greater control over moving pieces.


Share information internally and with riders through smart dashboards, apps, and reports. Empower people to use and operate your network.


ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server

Stream big data into one spatial powerhouse that filters and alerts you to events you need to know about. Push summaries to your mobile device based on parameters you set. ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension constantly interprets real-time data from unlimited inputs. It’s your eyes and ears into the network when you can’t be looking at everything.

See what ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension does.

Esri Location Analytics

Esri Location Analytics makes it simple to improve service and customer satisfaction. With intuitive mapping apps and analytical tools that spread knowledge fast across your operations, you can speed decision-making, adjust to developing events, and optimize your routes.

Analyze your Esri Location Analytics options.

ArcGIS Online

Access what you need to know anywhere with ArcGIS Online. Bring all your business data onto stylized maps you can access anytime, anywhere. Your operations don’t have to live at HQ.

Get online with ArcGIS Online today.

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