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General | ArcGIS Schematics

What is a schematic?

One definition of schematic is a simplified representation of an object or a set of objects that is intended to explain its structure and make the way it operates understandable. In ArcGIS Schematics, an object is a network, and the set of objects is the internal information related to network components.

Another explanation is that a schematic is a way to represent any type of network within a symbolic system or a defined space without scaling constraints. For example, a defined space is a piece of paper where numerous pieces of information are displayed by optimizing the placement of the features.

What types of data rendering are available in ArcGIS Schematics?

Different industries have different ways of representing their networks. Most companies have been generating schematics for a long time and want to use the same layout their teams are familiar with. ArcGIS Schematics offers easy-to-configure and easy-to-customize algorithms to fit the needs of any industry, standards of companies, and specific needs of several departments within companies.

ArcGIS Schematics provides a set of algorithms to generate different types of layouts. These layouts include backbone, geoschematic, smart tree, and orthogonal. For each algorithm, the user can change layout parameters to obtain the best data rendering. All algorithms can be applied on a subpart of a schema. Thus, several algorithms can be used on the same diagram to get a better display.

Can I customize ArcGIS Schematics?

Yes. ArcGIS Schematics gives you the ability to create custom tools for advanced schematic representation and incorporates these tools directly into the ArcGIS interface with any COM-compliant development environment.

Does ArcGIS Schematics work with ArcSDE?

Yes, ArcSDE provides the infrastructure required to manage multiple users editing the same spatial database with long transactions, alternate versions, and history.

Can I install ArcGIS Schematics on UNIX?

No, ArcGIS Schematics is not supported on UNIX at this time.

Is licensing for ArcGIS Schematics different from ArcGIS?

No, the licensing for ArcGIS Schematics works the same way as all other ArcGIS extensions.

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