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ArcGIS Pro Extensions

Expand your product capabilities with ArcGIS Pro extensions

Utilize a number of ArcGIS Pro extensions to expand your product capabilities. ArcGIS Pro is connected to several Esri extensions, ranging from ArcGIS Spatial Analyst to ArcGIS 3D Analyst, to enhance the user setting. Find your extensions and create a workspace that gives you the best working experience.

Advanced analysis

  • 3D image of an urban setting with multiple buildings and pink outlines

    ArcGIS 3D Analyst

    Use a realistic perspective to analyze your data.
  • A map scattered with color-coded dots to indicate the type of entities spread across a section of farmland and a link chart that traces the food supply chain

    ArcGIS Knowledge

    Explore and analyze spatial, nonspatial, structured, and unstructured data, and visualize relationships with enterprise knowledge graphs.
  • Pink prediction map of  land with a legend showing words and numbers

    ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst

    Investigate your data with advanced statistical tools.
  • Black digital map with scattered white dots and a portion of the land colored in blue

    ArcGIS Network Analyst

    Perform sophisticated routing and analysis on the closest facilities or service areas.
  • Multicolored topographic map of land with yellow, green, and blue colors

    ArcGIS Spatial Analyst

    Derive answers from your data using advanced spatial analysis.
  • 3D aerial image of a rural neighborhood with green land and trees

    ArcGIS Image Analyst

    Access a complete imagery analysis workstation.
  • Demographic map with different regions highlighted in yellow and blue

    ArcGIS Business Analyst

    Combine demographic, lifestyle, and spending data with map-based analytics to create accurate reports and present powerful market insights.

Data and workflows

  • Two side-by-side views of a realistic 3D mesh of a historic building surrounded by other multistory buildings

    ArcGIS Reality for ArcGIS Pro

    Generate large-scale photorealistic true orthos and 3D meshes from drone, aerial, and satellite sensors.
  • Digital image of land in green, blue, and black with small triangular data points

    ArcGIS Data Interoperability

    Create no-code integrations with apps and data formats.
  • Pie graph with numerical data and a city street map

    ArcGIS Data Reviewer

    Automate, simplify, and improve how you manage data quality control.
  • Beige street map of a town with roads highlighted in gray, blue, and green

    ArcGIS Publisher

    Easily share your maps and data with a wide range of users.
  • A dark blue map of the upper mid-east region of North America overlaid with red lines to note flight paths, mapped using Esri’s ArcGIS LocateXT software.

    ArcGIS LocateXT

    Automatically extract and map location information contained within large volumes of unstructured data.
  • Map of the continental United States

    ArcGIS Workflow Manager

    Take advantage of this easy-to-use, scalable enterprise workflow management system.
  • A dark grey map with roads depicted in yellow and transit lines in pink, green, and blue

    ArcGIS StreetMap Premium

    Use enriched street data for cartographic map displays; accurate geocoding; and optimized routing, driving directions, and network analysis.

Industry-specific data management

  • A colorful navigation chart overlaid with compass markings

    ArcGIS Maritime

    Efficiently manage hydrographic information, products, and workflows and generate electronic, hard-copy, and raster navigational products.
  • An aviation chart

    ArcGIS Aviation Charting

    Manage aviation information and produce high-quality charts using tools for data management, cartography, and workflow management.
  • An aerial view of a highway with multiple overpasses and some green areas

    ArcGIS Roads and Highways

    This data management application provides an integrated framework for maintaining roads and highways data using linear referencing systems.
  • A gridded topographic map with markings for roads and waterways

    ArcGIS Defense Mapping

    Streamline GIS defense data and map production with tools for data collection and attribution, geodatabase maintenance, and data validation.
  • Aerial image of green land with lines and symbols representing pipeline route data

    ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing

    Create, manage, and optimize pipeline route and event data.
  • 3D imagery of airplanes and an airport

    ArcGIS Aviation Airports

    Ensure that your operational data is of the highest quality and meets airport regulatory requirements.
  • Satellite derived bathymetric image of the ocean in green

    ArcGIS Bathymetry

    Make your bathymetric data GIS enabled.

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